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The “Thinking” Chair

What Were You Thinking

What Were You Thinking? Learning to Control Your Impulses by Bryan Smith, illustrated by Brian Martin

When you’re a child, it’s not easy controlling your impulse reactions—kids do things before they think all the time.

Time to Get Started

Time to Get Started: A Story About Learning to Take Initiative by Bryan Smith, illustrated by Lisa Griffin

Blake generally has a good time… until someone interrupts him and tells him he needs to do something RIGHT NOW!

How Did You Miss That

How Did You Miss That? A Story Teaching Self-Monitoring by Bryan Smith, illustrated by Lisa Griffin

After an exhausting night of baseball, the last thing Braden wants to hear is Mom and Dad harping about everything he must finish on his to-do list.

Fix It with Focus

Fix It with Focus: A Story about Ignoring Distractions and Staying on Task by Bryan Smith, illustrated by Lisa Griffin

Spring means great things like warmer weather, playing outside, and baseball! How is he supposed to keep working on his math test when it’s taking FOREVER, and he just wants to go outside?

My Day Is Ruined

My Day Is Ruined! A Story Teaching Flexible Thinking by Bryan Smith, illustrated by Lisa Griffin

Kids who have trouble adjusting to the unexpected and tend to overreact, can learn four steps for achieving flexible thinking in this story.

It Was Just Right Here

It Was Just Right Here! by Bryan Smith, illustrated by Lisa Griffin

Braden’s brother Blake is ALWAYS losing things and everyone acts like it’s his fault. What’s the big deal? He’s just a kid!

What's the Problem

What’s the Problem? A Story Teaching Problem Solving by Bryan Smith, illustrated by Lisa Griffin

The one thing all of us have in common is that we have to solve problems and challenges of various degrees and complexities.

I'll Never Get All of That Done!

I’ll Never Get All of That Done! A Story about Planning and Prioritizing by Bryan Smith, illustrated by Lisa Griffin

Blake’s baseball team is doing a bake sale fundraiser. He just can’t wait for his mom to whip up a batch of her famous chocolate chip cookies!

How Do I Remember

How Do I Remember All That? A Story to Improve Working Memory by Bryan Smith, illustrated by Lisa Griffin

With help from a caring teacher and plenty of opportunities to practice at home, Braden starts to learn and practice strategies for improving his working memory!

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