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Two truths:
1) No real-life fatherhood journey can be navigated across the pages of a website.
2) Preparation and consistency are two of the most important and effective keys to success. 

This self-paced Resource Center has been designed to simplify exploration for fathers who want to keep track of progress through this content. Visit what might be useful; if something doesn’t resonate or isn’t received as relevant, check it off and move on to something else. It is our every intention that men who invest their valuable time with FathersTrulyMatter.org are rewarded with useful insights into continuing to navigate this all-important journey through fatherhood.


This Resource Center has been designed to offer structure to the resources within this platform. Whether taking a deeper dive into good habits, bad habits, or the many nuances of life and relationships, our goal is to be the best parents we can be for our children.

Every father-child relationship has it’s own special heartbeat; the depth and breadth of these bonds are precious and timeless. Every resource on Fathers Truly Matter.org is self-paced; if something doesn’t resonate with you or doesn’t come across as relevant, just check it off and move onto something else to make the most of your experience.

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