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Our Mission

We have identified the one social problem that wreaks more long-lasting havoc than any other: millions of children are being raised in fatherless homes. So many diligent single mothers, already fulfilling maternal duties, are burdened with filling the void left by an absentee dad.

The consequences of inadequate paternal guidance inflict untold damage for an entire lifetime. At best, children grow into adults who must endure a certain hollowness. At worst, children carry bad habits into adulthood, ensnaring themselves within an unrelenting downward spiral.

This truth provoked a deep dive into how we might protect future generations. How else but by helping each other as parents? By examining habits good and bad, by exploring the many nuances of life, love, relationships, money, and many theories of childhood development, the privilege of writing Fathers Truly Matter and Mothers Truly Matter has been and will continue to be the most gratifying work I’ve ever pursued.

It is my greatest hope that the resources available within these platforms can make a difference.