The New Small Person

The New Small Person by Lauren Child (4 – 6 years)

Elmore Green starts life as an only child, as many children do. He has a room to himself, where he can line up his precious things and nobody will move them one inch. But one day everything changes. When the new small person comes along, it seems that everybody might like it a bit more than they like Elmore Green. And when the small person knocks over Elmore’s things and even licks his jelly-bean collection, Elmore’s parents say that he can’t be angry because the small person is only small. Elmore wants the small person to go back to wherever it came from. Then, one night, everything changes…

I Lost My BFF

I Lost My BFF: A Book about Jealousy and Rejection Within Friendships by Jennifer Licate, illustrated by Suzanne Beaky

Through honest conversations and open-mindedness, Sophia, Camila, Christabel, and Jewel soon learn that it’s okay for friends to have other friends, and not everyone needs to like to do the same things all of the time. If they are kind and respectful toward one another, their friendships can grow and change.

What to Do When It's Not Fair

What to Do When It’s Not Fair: A Kid’s Guide to Handling Envy and Jealousy by Jacqueline B. Toner & Claire A.B. Freeland, illustrated by David Thompson
(6 – 12 years)

Just like a pirate using a spyglass, kids may focus in on one thing that they want, and not notice all the good things they already have. If you’re a kid who thinks “it’s not fair,” this book is for you! Kids may focus in on one thing that they want, and not notice all the good things they already have. This interactive self-help book is the complete resource for educating, motivating, and empowering children to cope with envy.

The Jealousy Cure

The Jealousy Cure: Learn to Trust, Overcome Possessiveness, and Save Your Relationship
by Robert L. Leahy PhD

We often feel jealous because we fear losing the things or people that matter to us the most. The Jealousy Cure offers proven-effective skills to keep jealousy in its place. You will learn that confronting jealousy in your relationship does not have to be a catastrophe, but can redirect you and your partner to build more trust, acceptance, and connection.

How To Get Rid of Jealousy

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