Faith & Habit Awareness – Robert K. Brandzen II

Stirred by desire, driven by belief, and internalized by expectancy, faith is strength. Children who learn to combine faith with habit awareness are blessed with great advantages in life, able to build worldly knowledge and wisdom upon a more permanent, spiritual foundation.

Our Thoughts Manifest Our Destiny
On an elemental level, our thoughts influence word choice, tone of voice, and body language. We may be doubtful or confident, confused or composed, oppositional or collaborative. These mental energies can profoundly influence our own verbal and nonverbal communication. People then respond to us in kind, based on their mental energies and the impact that our energies have had on them—both in the moment and in how they are inclined to consider us in the future.

Life’s journey is guided by the energies of our minds. Our thoughts transmit reciprocal forces into the universe, dictating our life’s progression and guiding who become during our continuous human evolution. Do we choose thoughts of hope and redemption or dismay and condemnation? With intentionality, faith, and habit awareness, we perpetuate our reality.

Good Habits vs. Bad Habits
Certain habits tend to serve us by enhancing our quality of life. Other habits tend to do us the disservice of self-sabotage. Children depend on parents, teachers, and older siblings to teach these all-important differences. No matter the raising authority, caregivers must illuminate the “right path,” especially during a child’s all-important formative years.

The Importance of Faith
The “right path” is illuminated by both temporal faith in our Earthly future and our spiritual faith in eternity. Christian principles not only reinforce good habits, but they also rebuke habits that undermine our best interests. With the confidence that our spirits live on forever, we may be more inclined to treat people like brothers and sisters, encouraging good energy to manifest both in our own lives and in the lives of others.

The Importance of Parents
By instilling good habits, discouraging bad ones, and equipping children with life skills, nurturing parents raise sons and daughters to live fulfilling lives of meaning and purpose. When children are not granted consistent access to an outstanding father, they are statistically proven to be far more vulnerable to life’s many pitfalls. These risks can be minimized when children of inadequate or absentee fathers benefit from a superhuman mother who, without fail, does her very best to accommodate for the chasm left in their lives by such a monumental void.

Luck isn’t some mythical force only beholden by the few; it is the residue of design. It is created through conscious and intentional clarity of purpose—by making choices that support rather than subtract from our desired outcomes. Good fortune favors those who lead lives in alignment with their hopes and dreams. Every single human creates an impact on their environment, first with thoughts, then with words, and finally, with actions. While we cannot always control what happens to us, we can always control our response. With the abundance of resources and opportunities available in the world, we can create our own luck.

Adopt Humility & Reject Pride
When children receive the gifts of faith and habit awareness, they are more inclined to be successful in life. Indirectly, this propensity toward success increases susceptibility to the stumbling block of pride, making it that much more important for fathers to specifically teach humility.

By combining faith with habit awareness, fathers create an outstanding environment for childhood growth and development. One of our most important duties is to help our kids develop the wisdom to choose healthy habits. No matter our faith, the honorable virtues we aspire to teach our children are reinforced by the teachings of The New Testament. Faith helps children of God walk confidently by day and rest easy by night. Spanish theologian, Saint Ignatius, said, “Pray as if everything depends on God, and work as if everything depends on you.”

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