Strictly No Elephants

Strictly No Elephants by Lisa Matchev, illustrated by Taeeun Yoo (2 – 5 years)

The local Pet Club won’t admit a boy’s tiny pet elephant, so he finds a solution involving all kinds of unusual animals.

Can I Be Your Dog

Can I Be Your Dog? by Troy Cummings (3 – 6 years)

A heart-tugging adoption story told with deeply sincere letters—desperate pleas for a forever home—from the dog, himself!

The Invisible Leash

The Invisible Leash: A Story Celebrating Love After the Loss of a Pet by Patrice Karst, illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff (3 -9 years)

“When our pets aren’t with us anymore, an Invisible Leash connects our hearts to each other. Forever.” That’s what Zack’s friend Emily tells him after his dog dies. Zack doesn’t believe it. He only believes in what he can see. But on an enlightening journey—and through his grief—he comes to feel the comforting tug of the Invisible Leash. And it feels like love.

I Wanna Iguana

I Wanna Iguana by Karen Kaufman, illustrated by David Catrow (3 – 8 years)

Alex just has to convince his mom to let him have an iguana, so he puts his arguments in writing. He promises that she won’t have to feed it or clean its cage or even see it if she doesn’t want to, all while Mom imagines a six-foot-long iguana eating them out of house and home.

What Pet Should I Get

What Pet Should I Get?
by Dr. Suess (3 – 7 years)

What happens when a brother and sister visit a pet store to pick a pet? The tale captures a classic childhood moment—choosing a pet—and uses it to illuminate a life lesson…

Dog Songs

Dog Songs: Poems
by Mary Oliver

With poems of love, laughter, heartbreak, and grief, the many dogs of Oliver’s life merge as fellow travelers and as guides, uniquely opening our eyes to the lessons of the moment and the joys of nature and connection.

What Pets Teach Us About Life

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