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Better Dads, Stronger Sons

Better Dads, Stronger Sons: How Fathers Can Guide Boys to Become Men of Character by Rick Johnson

From commitment and courage to honesty and humility, Better Dads, Stronger Sons helps men strive to be the dads they can be—so their sons can grow to be everything they are meant to be.

The Intentional Father

The Intentional Father: A Practical Guide to Raise Sons of Courage and Character
by Jon Tyson

It’s not enough to hope our sons will become good men. We need them to be good at being men. This book shows how male mentors can lead the way.

The Dad Advice Project

The Dad Advice Project: Words of Wisdom From Guys Who Love Being Dads
by Craig Kessler

The Dad Advice Project shares real-life stories and advice written by dads from all walks of life—including professional athletes, TV personalities, businessmen, civic leaders, military veterans, and other close personal friends of the author.

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know
by Meg Meeker

From cradling his newborn to walking her down the aisle, a father must relish his paramount responsibility—guiding the course of his daughter’s life.

You've Got This

You’ve Got This: Unlocking the Hero Dad Within
by Meg Meeker

Discover why fathers are even more important to children than mothers; why your children want you to be their hero—even if their relationship with you has been strained or distant; and secrets that can help divorced dads, widowed dads, and stepfathers maintain—or rebuild—a strong relationship with their children.

Raising Lions

Raising Lions by Joe Newman

Raising Lions challenges us to re-examine our interactions and relationships with children, re-think the root causes of behavior problems and find new ways to support healthy, happy development.

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