Dating for Teen Boys

The Truth About Dating

The Truth About Dating, Love, and Just Being Friends by Chad Eastham (13 – 18 years)

With his typical wit and wisdom for teens, brings much sought after advice on girls’ favorite topics including dating, love, friendship, and other important stuff.

Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen

Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen: The Essential Conversations You Need to Have with Your Kids Before They Start High School
by Michelle Icard

Fourteen essential conversations to have with your tween and early teenager to prepare them for the emotional, physical, and social challenges ahead, including scripts and advice to keep the communication going and stay connected during this critical developmental window.

For Young Men Only

For Young Men Only: A Guy’s Guide to the Alien Gender by Jeff Feldhahn & Eric Rice
(14+ years)

Every teen guy wants to know how girls are wired, what they want, and how they really think… Or at least how to talk to a girl without feeling like an idiot.

Dad's Great Advice for Teens

Dad’s Great Advice for Teens: Stuff Every Teen Needs to Know About Parents, Friends, Social Media, Drinking, Dating, Relationships, and Finding Happiness
by Marc Fienberg

The perfect gift to help a teenager get happy, be successful, and make good decisions. Dad’s Great Advice for Teens provides 25 short pieces of unorthodox Great Advice, filled with humor, wisdom, and inspirational quotes, to help teens become the best version of themselves.

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