Anger Management

Cool Down and Work Through Anger

Cool Down and Work Through Anger by Cheri J. Meiners
(2 – 6 years)

It’s never too early for children to learn to recognize feelings of anger, express themselves, and build coping skills for managing their anger in helpful, appropriate ways.

Shouting at the Rain

Shouting at the Rain
by Lynda Mullady Hunt
(9 – 11 years)

During Ronan and Delsie adventures around Cape Cod, they learn what it means to be angry versus sad, broken versus whole, and abandoned versus loved. And that, together, they can weather any storm.

Anger Management Workbook for Kids

Anger Management Workbook for Kids
by Samantha Snowden, MA
(6 – 11 years)

The Anger Management Workbook for Kids is filled with 50 playful exercises to help kids handle powerful emotions.

Walking Through Anger

Walking Through Anger
by Christian Conte PhD

Listen. Validate. Explore Options. These are the three essential components of Yield Theory™. In this clear and practical guide, you’ll learn Dr. Christian Conte’s revolutionary method for de-escalating conflict, promoting clear communication―and changing the way you relate to others in every part of your life.

5 Keys to Controlling Anger

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