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Jonathan P. Brandzen

My mother raised us to appreciate and embody the values of education, curiosity, and virtue, all while underscoring the importance of a cohesive and integrated family. The children in our household were always challenged, expected to make an honest effort, and encouraged to be circumspect in conducting our lives. We scaffolded our successes to become more complete and functional members of not only our family, but of society as well.

As a father, son, and sibling, I see the tremendous value in the content and resources of Fathers Truly Matter and Mothers Truly Matter. Children raised with specific standards and expectations set forth by nurturing and determined parents will lead fuller and more purposed lives than children who do not benefit from a similar upbringing. I am grateful to my mother, who sacrificed greatly and was selfless in her parenting; putting in the hard work to raise us to high standards so we could lead productive and enriched lives. These pages are a synthesis of her techniques, along with a myriad of other excellent resources, as manifested into practical applications and modules to raise complete and well-functioning children.

In my free time I enjoy high mileage running, Boston sports, reading, writing restaurant reviews, and traveling the world. I recently embarked on a pilgrimage along the Via Francigena to Vatican City, where I was able to connect with my mother and stepfather to celebrate my 40th birthday in Rome. Above all, I swell with pride at the success of my daughter, who recently completed her Biology degree from UMass and is now in graduate school, where she will be studying laboratory science and immunology.